Revealed the most powerful Superbike model ever from Honda, Winner X and Exciter have to cry

Top Japanese brand Superbike will be officially introduced at EICMA 2019 in Italy next month. It is expected that this model will be renamed Honda CBR1000RRR (Triple R).

Japanese media predicts that the next version of CBR1000RR will be launched later this year will be called Honda CBR1000RRR (Triple R). According to the newly revealed information, the CBR1000RRR (triple R) model will have the latest VTEC variable valve system to improve the power of the new version.

CBR1000RRR will have engine system with cylinder size up to 81mm compared to 75mm in the old version, reducing 20% ​​of the current weight after refining parts. The front of the model is equipped with a Ram-Air system to trap air into the engine system.

With these upgrades, the new CBR1000RRR is the most powerful Superbike ever of the CBR family. However, to compete with competitors in the same segment, this is still an unanswered question.
The Honda Rebel 250 and the Rebel 500 2020 come out, making users 'anxious' waiting

The Rebel 250 and Rebel 500 are groundbreaking mid-range models with a breakthrough design with a new frame, clock and engine.

Specifically, the chassis will be designed to be longer and more advanced than the overly detached version. For rear-seat passengers, the seats are also designed to be conveniently moved.

More modern, this Honda cruiser line is also equipped with the same sophisticated digital LCD screen with CB1000R. LCD screen of Honda is guaranteed to meet the needs and convenience of customers.

Regarding the engine, particularly with Honda Rebel 250 equipped with DOHC 4 engine, the capacity of 286cc and cooled by steam. This is the engine block used in the Honda CB300R. However, to better match the Honda Rebel 250, this engine is revised to achieve higher torque while the power will be lower.

Unlike Rebel 250, Rebel 500 uses DOHC 2 engine block of 471cc. Therefore, this engine corresponds to 2019 Honda CB500F, CBR500R and CB500X models of 2019.

Despite the different cylinder capacities, both the Honda Rebel 250 and the Rebel 500 have something in common that is tuned to meet the new Euro5 emissions standard.

New sources revealed that these two new models of Honda have not provided the full specifications and new features of the car. However, it is expected that the Rebel 300/500 couple will officially be sold from January 2020 after the debut at the EICMA 2019 Exhibition in Milan - Italy in November.
Compared to its predecessor R 1200 GS, the most significant change of the BMW R 1250 GSA Exclusive lies in the larger Boxer engine, which comes with variable valve control technology BMW ShiftCam.

So far, it has been nearly 40 years and the GS series is not only the flagship of BMW Motorrad but also a symbol of Adventure in general. BMW Motorrad has continuously developed and upgraded generations of GS and GSA from engine power to completely new technology to affirm its leading position in the Adventure segment.

Unlike the R 1250 GSA standard silver gray color that represents the colors of adventure and modernity, the HP version with white, blue, red dots shows pure dynamism and pure sport. While the stylish variant is Exclusive with Kalamata Metallic Matt, it is masculine and strong.

The 2019 BMW R 1250 GSA Exclusive 2019 is still a high-end Adventure series with a unique, strong and stable design, showing the ability to use it on long distances or simply for short, mixed trips. Mix different terrains.

Similar to the 2019 versions, the R 1250 GSA Exclusive retains the same length as the older generation (2,207 mm) but increases the wheelbase to 1,525 mm. The wheelbase is 8 mm shorter than the regular version and is fitted with a motor body and body protection frame. This is one of the most obvious differences between GSA and the regular GS.

The R 1250 GSA Exclusive 2019 fuel tank has a capacity of 30 liters, making the weight of the vehicle increased to nearly 270 kg. Seat height is 900 mm. Unlike the standard version and the HP, the GSA Exclusive has a dark gray two-layer saddle (but can also be changed to a saddle), a gray frame, black matte rim to make the car more tough, pig grip The brakes are made more gold with a bigger windshield.

In addition, LED headlights have now become standard equipment, accompanied by LED daytime running lights - Daytime Riding Light is an optional equipment for both GS and GSA (GS Adventure) versions. Connectivity smart connectivity system and 6.5-inch TFT color screen integrate many advanced features to help the driver can both chat on the phone and listen to music while driving.

The BMW Motorrad Connected App, which is easily downloadable from the Google Store or App Store, allows cars to be connected to any smart mobile device, and allows connection and sharing to the REVER user community - map software to track, share trip information, famous routes.

For decades, Boxer engines with 4-valve technology, combined with electronic fuel injection and Closed-loop Catalytic Converter technology, have been featured on BMW Motorrad GS models. Excellent engine power and traction, plus fuel economy and environmental friendliness.

With the upgrade of more and more advanced technology on Boxer engines, the all-new R 1250 GSA Exclusive has now been upgraded from cylinder capacity from 1170cc to 1254cc, combined with ShiftCam variable camshaft technology. brand new with phase difference valve.

The latest BMS-O engine control system and dual injectors increase combustion chamber efficiency, help to burn fuel better, thereby increasing maximum torque of 143 Nm at 6,250 rpm and lift traction. over the entire engine range, increasing the maximum capacity to 136 horsepower at 7,750 rpm. This improvement not only helps the engine operate more powerfully, it also optimizes fuel consumption, reduces emissions, increases engine smoothness at low revs and creates distinctive sounds.

Two standard driving modes "Rain" and "Road" allow to adjust the car's attributes to suit most road conditions. Moreover, ASC - Automatic leveling system and Hill Start Control - Hill departure assistance system is equipped as standard to make driving safer and easier on hill. Four professional driving modes (Riding Modes Pro) include additional modes such as "Dynamic", "Dynamic Pro" (custom), "Enduro" and "Enduro Pro" (customized).

The DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) anti-skid system has been upgraded, providing maximum safety during acceleration, especially during cornering. Anti-lock braking system ABS Pro helps the driver with confidence to brake sharply when cornering. In addition, the car is also equipped with emergency brake control system (Dynamic Brake Control DBC) with the ability to interrupt the throttle signal, to avoid accidental acceleration when accelerating.

At the same time, the Hill Start Control Pro (Hill Start Control Pro) provides the new Auto HSC function, automatically activates the brakes to park the car, when on a slope (+/- 5%), right when braking arms / legs are activated and the vehicle will stop to ensure driver safety.
Yamaha recently announced an upgraded version of its nakedbike MT-03 in Europe, North America and Indonesia with a more aggressive, aggressive design and added some new technologies.

After a series of news about changes on the new version of the MT-03, Yamaha has finally released the first images of this nakedbike model with the owner "Dark Lightning".

The launch of the new Yamaha MT-03 has received a lot of attention from fans of Japanese motorcycle brands. This is the latest nakedbike in the MT-Series family revealed before EICMA 2019.

Compared to its predecessor, the new generation MT-03 is assessed to have significant improvements. The first is a completely new head design, becoming more aggressive, bunker and closer to the design of "elder" models such as MT-09 and MT-10.

Next is the position on the sides of the new MT-03, inspired by the Ram-Air system of MT-09 and MT-10, while the modified fuel tank looks more muscular and sportier.

The instrument cluster is no longer a combination of LCD and analog displays but has been changed to fully electronic, providing full information for the driver. The steering wheel has been repositioned to provide greater flexibility during vehicle operation. The lower steering position helps the driver's focus to lean forward to increase the stability of the vehicle when running at high speed.

Finally, the front forks have been upgraded from the conventional telescopic version in the old version to a reverse stroke with a diameter of 37 mm shared from the new Yamaha YZF-R3. While the rear forks are still monoshock, with 298 mm single hydraulic disc at the front and 220 mm hydraulic single at the rear. The car still uses the familiar Y-shaped five-spoke wheels and integrated ABS anti-lock brakes.

Engine parameters of the 2020 version remain the same, continue to be DOHC type, 321 cc, 2 cylinders, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 4 valves, for a maximum capacity of 41.4 horsepower at 10,750 rpm and maximum torque of 29,6 Nm at 9,000 rpm. The engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox.

The car has the perfect beauty, the size suitable for Asians but still retains the strong atmosphere of a Harley-Davidson. You will feel confident thanks to the low seat design of only 705mm, slender frame, stable balance posture and low center of gravity. The Superlow is easy to drive and extremely comfortable even if you travel all day long. The handlebars are easy to hold, creating a comfortable position, giving you confidence on the journey from the stand up of the car, easy to drive to the corner, convenient downhill at many speeds.

This is the perfect Harley-Davidson style when combining the powerful 883cc Evolution engine, capable of running thousands of miles smoothly. The rear fork has a screw-loaded preloader, which helps you smoothly and smoothly walk through rough roads. 18-inch front wheels and 17-inch rear wheels, lightweight rims and radial tires, you can control the car at low speeds easily.

Iron 883
The new Iron 883 model was redesigned, creating angular details, inspired by the classic bobber style. The short-cut rear fenders, black transmission and exhaust, drag-racing handlebars, and a single-zone leather saddle wrapped in each zone reminiscent of photos of street cars of the last century. Newly designed air filter cover with accent metallic edges.

Iron 883 is powered by a factory-tuned Evolution® V-Twin 883cc engine to provide optimum power. The entire black wheel is not only accented with brake discs, but also improved steering feel. Front and rear shock absorbers are upgraded with the latest technology, with improved damping springs and custom washers, allowing the steering wheel to change the function to suit road conditions or payload. when carrying people in the back.

Vehicles with 130mm front wheel design with new shock absorbers are increased diameter to 49mm. Classic fuel tank with a capacity of 8 liters. The fenders are designed more neatly. Tank design with horizontal stripes, a trend of the 70s reappear. These horizontal stripes are repeated in many details, including the saddle and rear wheel. New wheels are cast aluminum lightweight spokes and painted black. A combination makes it easy to conquer every path.

Iron 1200
In terms of appearance, the new Harley-Davidson 1200 Iron 2019 car uses the familiar design features of the famous Sportster line, from the design of a large fuel tank to the use of a pair of youthful, simple molding wheels. The most special thing is that your posture will become more majestic with this unique design.

At the top, the special feature of the 1200 Iron Version 2019 is the compact fairing set made into the headlight. Comes with it is a high-performance steering wheel designed in Cruiser style, brought back 165mm, 812mm wide for the pedestal, more comfortable. The details of the 1200 Iron 2019 are plated with shiny crome.

The car for 36% more engine power and maximum torque up to 96Nm. This machine will give a great experience with the characteristic po, which will surely attract all eyes when surfing on the street.

The Harley-Davidson Roadster carries the image of a classic sports car with its compact form and low steering. Seat height at 785 mm is very suitable for Vietnamese users.

Roadster's power comes from the renowned Evolution V-Twin engine block, with large torque when low revs and refreshing roar. The round headlight is designed in a classic style.

You can see the numerous black details that bring the ultimate dark style to Roadster's impromptu styling, the protective mirrors and the black headlights. The oval air filter and the powertrain are both Dark Custom custom styling.

Street Bob
The Street Bob model has a raised handlebar position with a minimalist design directed to the unpainted quintessence. The car features a high steering wheel, spokes, technical watches hidden and the tail is cut very rebellious. The frame retains the classic Softail lines but is lighter and more solid, meaning unprecedented flexibility.

It has the advanced Milwaukee-Eight® 107 engine, powerful Big-Twin engine, smooth operation with flexible throttle, electronic fuel injection system Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI). Especially the roar is very loud, standard Harley-Davidson criteria.

In addition, this motorcycle is also equipped with a series of other notable features such as low oil pressure, engine diagnostics, ABS (optional), keyless lock, USB charging port, 2.14 inch LCD screen. Displays speed, number, total distance traveled, fuel level, clock, itinerary, operating range, and machine revs.

Breakout 114
Breakout is a modern, muscular chopper-style driver with the appearance of a true, prominent and arrogant "star". The light turns green, when you are on your way to conquering.

Tires with muscular styling embody the classic racing style. The powerful Milwaukee-Eight Big Twin engine runs smoothly with agile throttle and distinctive booming sound. The large digital instrument cluster mounted on the steering wheel shack is completely within your sight.

Equally striking is the fuel tank with a smooth upper that shows off the beauty of the engine. The frame retains the classic soft, bunker lines. Sophisticated suspension system with linear shock absorbers, adjustable single rear suspension for smooth cornering, quick acceleration and safe braking.

Fat Bob 114
The Fat Bob model stands out from the aggressive, stubborn, efficient, with the unparalleled handling, superior finishes and extra torque of the Milwaukee-Eight ™ engine. High-performance dual disc brakes in the front help you control the power very safely.

Especially the 2-1-2 exhaust design is inspired by outstanding performance, the upwards exhaust manifests the challenge. Large aluminum rims covered by thick tires make a very compelling feeling when driving.

Impressive headlight design, intense light when it's dark and attracts all eyes when driving during the day. Speed ​​aficionados will fall in love with racing-style fork technology. Reversing fork design with single telescope helps the car to respond more smoothly, eat brake and handle more efficiently.

Inspired by American drag fighters and racing cars, the FXDR 114, with lightning-like power, takes the overall performance of the Harley-Davidson machine to new heights. This is also the latest of the 100 "shocking" motorcycles expected to launch until 2027 by Harley-Davidson.

The silhouette of Drag race car in FXDR 114 is very clearly shown through the angle of big fork and reverse fork, massive suction and exhaust, the ratio of the difference between 2 wheels and the rear of the car is reduced. In addition, typical elements such as aluminum rear grips, digital screens that help the driver control and the adjustment of the outside shock absorbers will highlight and affirm the mission of this car! A true-class steed, not a transient form!

The solid Softail chassis, designed to provide quick response, is a plus for speed enthusiasts. The excellent versatility of the vehicle is clearly shown when traveling on dangerous zigzag roads, or when weaving into crowded urban streets.
13 most stylish Yamaha motorcycles with detailed parameter reviews
Yamaha Bolt
Yamaha Bolt is bold with classic design and American motorcycle style. This is also considered a mid-range cruiser model made from high quality materials and novel designs. Not long after the launch of Yamaha Bolt, it quickly gained praise and became the favorite car of many speed racers.

The Yamaha Bolt has a sturdy frame, the total weight of 246 kg is quite heavy. Original twin-saddle to easily carry a second person. Saddle height is quite low, only 690mm suitable for people from 1m6 and above.

The highlight of this model is the electric lock system placed under the fuel tank, the speedometer displaying the technical form to make reading the parameters easier. The buttons are also quite easy to use. The 13-liter fuel tank helps Yamaha Bolt to travel long distances to the next gas station.

Yamaha Fazer
Yamaha Fazer is a touring version of the FZ25 that has been launched before, but is aimed at customers with a tight economy and wishing to travel often. Yamaha Fazer features LED lights, two-stage headlights and additional two position lights and wind vents.

This car has a length of 2,015m, a height of 1,115m, a saddle height of 795mm suitable for those with stature over 1m7. The weight of the car is only 154kg quite light compared to other models. The 14-liter fuel tank also helps you to travel long distances.

Yamaha Fazer is also equipped with modern ABS anti-lock braking technology. Low set headlights, wide tires, rearview mirrors and enhanced handle bar are also outstanding advantages.

Yamaha FZ
This is a line of Yamaha motorcycles for young and dynamic people. Colors of the car are very eye-catching, youthful and no less luxurious. Pretty small design is wrapped with new fashion stamps. The wide wheels make the car look ribbed, strong and easy to bend at high speed.

Yamaha FZ series cars are equipped with reverse shock absorbers to help the car operate smoothly through rough bumpy roads. The rear monoshock shock absorbers are refurbished with a 120mm stroke. A small downside of the Yamaha FZ series is that the fuel tank is only 12 liters a little less. However, Yamaha FZ can still go 400km distance need to refuel.

Yamaha MT
Yamaha MT has a dusty, aggressive and edgy style, suitable for strong personalities. The body of the car is muscular when it is fitted with plates on both sides of the fuel tank and the wind cavity. The body shape of the vehicle weighs forward to create a sense of initiative for the driver. The two-level saddle with a height of 780mm is suitable for the physique of Asians. The weight of the car is only 168kg, making it easy to tame the driver.

Thanks to the high handlebar, Yamaha MT also creates a comfortable feeling for the driver and the rear seat. The car operates strongly, the explosive sound is too "high" that many players escape the attraction of it.

Yamaha Smax
This is a line of Yamaha motorcycles with a quite comfortable price, only around 100 million depending on the version. The styling of the car is also quite impressive, young and personality. The size of this driver is also very fit for Asian stature: 2,030 mm long, 715mm wide and 1,115mm high. The weight of the vehicle is also light at only 138kg which makes it easy to master and control. The rear has a storage compartment of up to 32 liters. Overall Yamaha Smax has a similar design to the scooters we see today.

Yamaha Star
If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, then maybe you will be defeated by this Yamaha Star series. Yamaha Star is a high-end road bike with an American muscular design. Therefore, Yamaha Star looks quite pitiful and personality. Overall length of the car up to 2.7m, 1.4-1.5m high, 696mm saddle height and weight of up to 437kg. With this size and weight, the driver is required to be taller than 1m7, strong body to be able to easily master on all roads. The price up to nearly VND 600 million also requires you to be a person with good financial potential.

Yamaha V-Max
Yamaha V-Max has a selling price in Vietnam of up to about VND 800 million and is a fast racing car that many rivals respect me. Yamaha V-Max is not as pitiful as the Yamaha Star, the saddle is somewhat low, with additional hiprest to sit more comfortable, more playful. The saddle is relatively narrow and small to accommodate moving a person in a vehicle.

Yamaha V-Max is muscular and is known as a speed ghost. The power of the car line not only comes from big horsepower engine, high quality materials but also from the sound of powerful power.

Yamaha V-Star
The Yamaha V-Star is lightweight, compact in size and has a seat. With this design, Yamaha V-Star is suitable for racers with small stature, novice riders with large displacement motorcycles. Yamaha V-Star is equipped with a powerful engine, torque. Front disc brakes are highly controllable.

Yamaha XT
This is one of the first dual-sport cars in the world and has brought great success to Yamaha. Large displacement bike has a compact sporty style, suitable for the physique of Asians. With the price fluctuating around 100 million will suit the pocket of many players.

Yamaha YFZ
Yamaha YFZ features four wheels and a width that is extremely aggressive and distinct. The components on the car are made of aluminum and steel so the weight is not too heavy. Yamaha YFZ engine is also set low to lower center of gravity. The price of Yamaha YFZ is only around 200 million.

Yamaha YZ
This Yamaha motorcycle line is aimed at young customers, personality and dynamism. At first glance, the Yamaha YZ looks muscular but is carefully trimmed and refined to become much more neat than other models. The weight of the car is about 148kg, the length of 2m, height of 1.1m is suitable for players who are from 1m65 and above. Price Yamaha YZ just over 80 million.

Yamaha YZF
Yamaha YZF has a sporty style, youthful colors suitable for young boys. With a saddle height of 780mm requires you to have a body like the old knights. It weighs only 70kg so it is easy to control.

Yamaha YZF has an anti-theft lock without an extremely convenient chip. Price Yamaha YZF around 90 million, quite pleasant. In particular, in this car line, in 2019, the company brought to the market a new generation R15 V3 motorcycle, with significant upgrades and improvements, which is highly appreciated by car enthusiasts.

In addition, there are often comparisons of Yamaha R15 V3 vs Suzuki GSX R150 through specific criteria to choose a better model. But it is clear that the battle between the two horses of these two big men is an "eight-pounder" who is very difficult to distinguish clearly.

Yamaha YZF-R1
Yamaha YZF-R1 has a quite youthful color when combining yellow, white and black. Products are equipped with ABS technology to help the driver easily control the car especially when cornering or braking quickly. Six-speed gearbox is very suitable for engines with high revs. Saddle height up to 855mm is probably a difficult thing for those who play the car under 1m7 high.
Review of Honda SH125i scooter 2019

Honda SH125i shows itself as a luxury scooter model but not "chảnh" with good performance, durability and fuel economy.
Honda SH - one of the scooters is positioned in the high-end scooter segment in Vietnam by many factors from price to design. For many people who play Honda SH, these scooters are also favored as "Super Honda", temporarily translated as a "supercar" of Japanese automaker. Recently, we experienced the latest Honda car in Vietnam in the segment of 125 cubic centimeters and had a very positive view of this high-end scooter.

First, the appearance of the new Honda SH125i has an overall shape that is not different from the previous one and is designed as tall, majestic and handy as possible. With dimensions of Length x Width x Height of 2,026 mm x 740 mm x 1,158 mm, this is a rather pit bike but still capable of serving the majority of Vietnamese people because of its good focus and dimension. Reasonably high helps people sitting can stand easily against legs.

Next, with a weight of 135kg for the brake version combined with Combi Brake, this is a quite heavy scooter compared to the market today. However, it is the heaviness that makes the car more compact and quieter, especially when used for long-distance running.

At the top, the car possesses LED stratified headlamps with a very neat and beautiful design with clear glass and reflective layers with high finishing. In addition, the use of headlights placed in the center of the steering wheel helps the driver to see more clearly after the bends because the light can come on immediately, unlike many scooters like Honda Air Blade have. luminaire set on the bottom mask.

Down the front legs, Honda SH has a large set of tires that make the car tall and have a very good ground clearance of up to 146 mm. This 16-inch set of rims experience bad roads for a very good driving experience and easy handling, overcoming light obstacles. Combined at the front are Nissin disc brake shackles from Japan that are more durable and safer with combined brake CDs.

The 16-inch cast rims have a sporty design in the form of a cross-spoke with a familiar hydraulic telescopic front fork. This set of forks is rated to perform well in a variety of conditions, from road to bad roads.

The car has a very large and tall footrest floor, for people with a height of 1m65 and above can sit and control the car very comfortably and has the ability to change the position, sitting position to avoid being tired when Long distance travel. In this area, Honda also designed a very neat and useful folding hook set.

In the new version, the modern and worthwhile Smart Key set is still properly placed in the car. This set of locks has functions to find the car, anti-theft and unlock the car conveniently. Users can also open the trunk and lock the neck with this modern rotating lock.

Honda SH125i for fuel economy is quite good compared to such a large, heavy scooter. In the city, this car only consumes 1 liter of fuel for a distance of 40km with electronic fuel injection PGM-FI.

Some details such as rear legrest of Honda SH125i are very neat, tangled into the body but still handy and easy to remove and in for the rear seat.

The scooter possesses a beautiful and sporty stratified seat for a very sporty sitting position and with a spacious seat, the operator can change positions easily.

The saddle is covered with tear-resistant, scratch-resistant leather quite well and beautiful seams, sure. This seat has good skid resistance when there is a certain roughness to help people sit firmly when accelerating or braking suddenly.

Honda SH carries the SH125i logo set with a fancy and striking chrome-plated design in the body.

Honda SH125i carries 124.9 cc eSP engine block for power of about 11 horsepower at 8,750 rpm. Maximum torque of 11.6Nm at 6,500 rpm. ESP engine block for quite smooth and durable operation and good fuel economy. Experience in the speed range of 70 to 90 km / h continuously still gives the car smoothness and stability. In addition, when moving on a bad road, the machine still responds well to the acceleration or deceleration suddenly.

In the rear frame, the scooter has a thick taillight and has a LED tail light design, Halogen turn signals turnkey along with a fairly large rear baga. The position of the handle of the car is also very reasonable to lead and carry the car.

At the rear, there are still 16-inch cast wheels with Nissin disc brakes and combined with the front brakes via a safety CBS.

Currently, the car is sold at Honda franchise stores with the proposed price of VND 68 million but at dealers, the price of Honda SH car exceeds the proposed price, located at more than VND 80 million. Thus, this "expensive" piece of Honda will still be one of the most popular high-end scooters in Vietnam with beautiful design, smooth engine and many utilities. "to genuine".

With the launch of a new red version, Suzuki GZ150-A will once again drive fans crazy because of its fashion and sports blend.

Suzuki GZ150-A was once a very popular Cruiser model when it was first launched in late 2012. But after that, the factory stopped supplying this model so that dealers no longer have cars to hand over to them. customers and then cooled down for a long time. Up to now, this new color version GZ150-A will surely meet customers' long-term vehicle ownership needs.

Overall, the Suzuki GZ150-A retains the same styling and engine, unlike all the black models in the previous model. There is now a glossy red color that reflects the elegance, contrasting with the chrome color of the handlebars, lights, engines, exhaust pipes and cast rims. The design is impressive and impressive, the mouth is cut 45 degrees diagonal, not too rough.

Suzuki GZ150 – A is designed to bring the classic sound to every detail. The teardrop-shaped fuel tank, high handlebar and low saddle are true to cruiser feel for the driver. GZ150-A has a total length of 2,250 mm, a width of 900 mm and a height of 1,160 mm. Seat height is 710 mm. The back of the car is equipped with two storage boxes, enough to contain the necessary items.

The taillight cluster with turn signals extends to the sides to create the vehicle's appearance when viewed from the back. Even the seat and backrest for the back seat is also decorated with steel beads that make the car stronger and more masculine.

Tubular instrument cluster (including separate petrol meter and odometer meter) with simple but very visible parameters. Below the steering wheel is an electronic numerical display that is convenient for the user. The pair of strong dual-spoke wheels is also very soft with sufficient curves.

Suzuki GZ150-A front and rear shock absorbers are cylindrical springs, hydraulic dampers, tubeless tires, 11.5 liter fuel tank, casting rim, 90/90-R18 front wheels, rear wheels 120/80-R16. The tall and long handlebars create extremely comfortable sitting postures when running in the city as well as long car seats.

This version of the GZ150-A continues to use S150FI engine block, 4 stroke, single cylinder, 149cc capacity, air-cooled for maximum power of 11.5 horsepower at 8,000 rpm rewinding speed. / min and 11.2 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm. The upper power combined with the 5-speed powertrain.

With a price of more than VND 80 million, the Honda ADV 150 terrain scooter will have to compete fiercely with the same Yamaha Yamaha NVX 155 but it is cheaper.

In the segment of 150cc sport scooters for men in Vietnam market, there is now the appearance of "rookie" Honda ADV 150. Vehicles are brought to Vietnam through private import shops with VND 85 million for the CBS version and VND 90 million for the 2-channel ABS version (including VAT). Meanwhile, Yamaha NVX 155 is sold genuine with prices from 46 to 52 million (depending on the version). With a price higher than the competitor model of about VND 40 million, this is considered one of the main obstacles for Honda ADV 150 in reaching customers in Vietnam.

Honda ADV 150
Honda's all-new scooter model - ADV 150 2019 was officially unveiled at GIIAS International Motor Show in Jakarta, Indonesia in late July 2019. This is a competitor of models in the same segment as Yamaha Aerox in Indonesia (also known as NVX 155 in Vietnam market).

Honda ADV 150 2019 has a design style with many similarities to the X-ADV sport-style terrain vehicle which was first introduced at the EICMA exhibition in 2016 and was also imported by a private importer. in Saigon took first in mid-June 2017

Although the two are similarly named, the ADV 150 is somewhat less aggressive than the X-ADV, to better fit a small displacement scooter. Honda ADV 150 2019 is equipped with LED headlights, 14-inch wheels with 110/80 front tires and 120/70 rear. In addition, the car is also equipped with Nissin hydraulic disc brakes, ABS brakes, suspension of Showa and LCD control panel.

In addition, Honda ADV 150 2019 is also provided with more cross-country equipment, including large windscreens that can be adjusted to high / low, smart key and temporary engine shut-off feature. Unlike its predecessor, the X-ADV, the ADV 150 does not have steering wheel protection and the charging socket of 12V electronics.

At the rear, the taillights also use LED technology with an X-shaped angular design. Especially on the ADV 150 ABS version, there is also an ESS emergency stop signal in the taillights, activating itself in case of emergency braking in high speed and additional priority light switches.

Honda ADV 150 2019 has a length of 1,950 mm, a width of 763 mm, a height of 1,153 mm. The length of the two wheel axles is 1,324 mm, the height of the saddle is 795 mm and the weight of the car ranges from 132 - 133 kg, depending on the CBS or ABS version.

Vehicles equipped with single cylinder SOHC engine, 149.3 cc capacity, producing a maximum power of 14.5 horsepower at 8,500 rpm rev / min and maximum torque of 13.8 Nm from 6,500 v / min, combined with PGM-Fi fuel injection system of Honda.

The power is transmitted through an automatic gearbox and belt drive. Fuel tank with a capacity of 8 liters. This engine is similar to two models of the same brand, Vario 150 and PCX 150.

Yamaha NVX 155
The Yamaha NVX 155 has a sporty design that complements the aerodynamic lines that are often used on large displacement sports cars. NVX owns a fairly bulky design with dimensions of 1,990 mm in length, 700 mm in width, 1,125 mm in height, wheelbase at 1,350 mm, saddle height of 790 mm, and ground clearance of 140 mm. .

Despite its rather large size, the vehicle's unladen weight is only 116 kg, making it very easy to move. Key design details on the Yamaha NVX include the LED headlamp cluster inspired by the YZF-R3 sports car. This headlight cluster uses 4 LED light bulbs, when activating the close projection mode, the 2 middle LED clusters will light up.

While the high beam mode is on, all four light bulbs will glow looking impressive. However, when moving at night, the lighting distance of the LED cluster is quite close. On both sides of the headlight cluster are 2 positioning lights. This light is always on when the vehicle is operating. Turn signals are placed low below. The taillights also use LED technology, but like the headlight system, the turn signals still use Halogen bulbs.

NVX 155 in all versions is equipped with all-new rear forks with oil tank. The new rear forks feature a larger spring with an oil tank, both enhancing the aesthetics and improving performance, in order to bring the most comfortable and comfortable seat.

The vehicle has a 25 liter trunk, fuel tank located in the middle of the footrest and a small storage compartment after the head of the car with an integrated power drive on the left hand side. The center screen is completely electronic display of 5.8 inches wide.

Smart key technology (not available on standard models) with keyless start and trunk opening, along with a knob-shaped lock. At the same time, the smart lock also integrates the car's navigation function to make it easy to find cars in large parking lots or dark basements. The temporary engine shut-off system has the same function as the Idling Stop of Hondan ADV 150.
India will be the first market to receive KTM 390 Adventure, which is expected to cost about VND 88 to 98 million

KTM 390 Adventure will be launched at EICMA 2019 and sold first in the Indian market for between 88 and 98 million.
KTM 390 Adventure is the most anticipated model in 2019, according to experts in India, the country will be the first market where KTM sells the latest light adventure model. Developed from the KTM 390 Duke, Adventure is expected to make an official debut at the EICMA 2019 exhibition in November.

KTM 390 Adventure is equipped with a single cylinder engine, capacity of 373.2cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, accompanied by electronic fuel injection system and 6-speed gearbox. On the Duke, this engine has a capacity of 43.5 and maximum torque of 37 Nm. It is expected that when equipped with the 390 Adventure, the engine of the car will be calibrated to be able to promote power in low and midrange range.

Based on a series of images taken while the car is running a test, KTM 390 Adventure will be marketed with two versions: cast wheels and spokes. Of which the spokes seem to be the most expected due to the ability to overcome the terrain and better terrain.

The 390 Adventure frame is still a mesh steel pipe frame, underneath the engine will be added protective cover, the two sides are shockproof frame. The steering wheel that the company equips to the car will also be a wider and stronger steel pipe, helping the driver to easily control the terrain.

Other equipment on KTM 390 Adventure includes LED headlight system, TFT color screen with Bluetooth connectivity option, electronic throttle system and sliding clutch. Along with that are additional options such as a bracket and rear storage box.

The price of the KTM 390 Adventure when launched in India is expected to range from Rs 260,000 to Rs 290,000, equivalent to VND 88 - 98 million.
KTM 390 Adventure ran a final test before officially debuting at the 2019 EICMA show

TM 390 Adventure is expected to have two versions: the Standard version fitted with cast wheels and the more advanced R version equipped with spokes.
A month before the EICMA 2019 exhibition, KTM in India continued to bring the 390 Adventure light-duty road bike to the track to complete the final test steps.

A new image of the KTM 390 Adventure in beta shows that the car is fully equipped with top boxes and storage boxes on the sides. However, it seems that this equipment will be an upgrade option when the car is officially on the market. In addition to the body of the car, the new spyshot image also shows a TFT color corner.

While the previous images show KTM 390 Adventure is equipped with a steel frame system with a new rear sub-frame, full LED lighting system and TFT color screen with Bluetooth technology to connect smartphones to control. Control features like listening / calling and playing music.

Seamless legs of the car including USD front forks with long journeys and shock absorbers spring single rear, comes with 19 inch and 17 inch rim corresponding to the front and rear leg sets. It is worth noting that the test version in India is equipped with cast alloy rims, while the test version in Europe uses spokes, so it is likely that KTM 390 Adventure will have two versions including the Standard version. and the R version is similar to the KTM 790 Adventure senior.

The power of the upcoming KTM 390 Adventure is expected to still come from the single cylinder engine, DOHC, 373.2 cc capacity, liquid-cooled. However, KTM will adjust the gear ratio as well as re-map the ECU to suit the Adventure, so the performance of the engine on the 390 Adventure model will be slightly different from the engine on the Duke model. .

Meanwhile, the engine on the 390 Duke model has a capacity of 43.5 horsepower at 9,500 rpm and maximum torque of 35 Nm at 7,250 rpm.

It is known that KTM 390 Adventure will be produced at the Chakan factory of Bajaj, India, so the price of the car will be extremely competitive. In India, the price of KTM 390 Adventure is expected to cost between 280,000 - 300,000 Rupee, equivalent to 90 - 100 million.
Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 is priced at 900 million VND

Modern equipment and a series of branded toys have raised the price of Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 in Vietnam to VND 900 million, equivalent to the price of Toyota Corolla Altis V Luxury.

In addition to bringing the standard Ducati Diavel 1260 large cruiser, Ducati Vietnam dealers also meet the need to own a special version of this Ducati Diavel 1260.

To own the Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019, Vietnamese customers have to spend an amount of up to 900 million VND, 100 million VND higher than the Ducati Diavel 1260. This difference has brought what equipment and toys for Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019? Let's join us in a quick review of the Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 priced at VND 900 million in Vietnam.

Exterior design Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019
From the outside look, immediately realize the Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 thanks to the mysterious matte black Thrilling Black paint. This is the only paint available on the special edition of the Ducati Diavel 1260 2019. And yet, this matte black paint of the Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 also comes with a striking red painted chassis.

On the side of the wind cavity of the Ducati Diavel 1260 special edition will have an S to identify, in addition to a metal "Diavel" on the saddle is also very different. The next highlight of the Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 is that the saddle is sewn with red thread.

In addition to the differences in design, Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 still owns LED headlights and LED strips similar to the standard version. The dashboard on the Ducati Diavel 1260 dual-format with the all-new sharp 3.5-inch LCD-TFT color main screen provides the vehicle's specifications and control modes in the center of the steering wheel. This monitor support is a smaller screen that displays the symbols of the on / off functions. The driver can connect to the vehicle via bluetooth with the Ducati link app.

The modern equipment on the Ducati Diavel 1260S also includes smart keys, start the car with the buttons like cars. How to start the car with up to two directions for the owner of the option. A familiar button-style button will help customers to "wake up" Ducati's large cruiser. In addition, the bottom of the display also has a round button that is also responsible for launching the Ducati Diavel 1260S.

The Ducati Diavel 1260S large cruiser has an overall size including 2,310 mm in length, 1,010 mm in width and 1,133 mm in height. The height of the saddle from the ground falls to about 780 mm. Wheelbase of 1,600 mm. Vehicle weight 244 kg.

Some of the other impressive designs found on the Ducati Diavel 1260S include the handlebar handle hidden behind the seat. If you do not need to use the owner just push inwards quite neatly. Vertical taillights, using LED bulbs and symmetrically placed under the seat. A small storage compartment under the seat, this position also has a built-in phone charger port for the large Ducati Diavel 1260S cruiser.

Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 equipment
Not only is the design different, the large Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 cruiser and the standard version also have a huge change in the suspension, technology according to the car. For example, the Ducati Diavel 1260 2019 standard version is only equipped with Marzochi Upside Down forks with 50 mm diameter adjustable load and monoshock rear shock with removable oil tank.

But in the 2019 Ducati Diavel 1260S, this model has a huge investment with a suspension from Ohlins. This is one of the best shock absorbers in the world. The front fork of the Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 is the Upside Down reverse type with 48 mm diameter of Ohlins. These forks are painted yellow, very prominent when combined with the mysterious matte black Thrilling Black outfit on the special edition Ducati Diavel 1260.

The rear suspension of the Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 is still a monoshock, but Ohlins made an extra oil tank. Regardless of the company, the suspension on both versions of the Ducati Diavel 1260 can be customized for compression, elasticity and spring length.

The two-speed quick shift system Ducati Quick Shift up & down (DQS) EVO is an impressive feature and it is only available on the large Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 cruiser. If any customer owns Ducati Diavel 1260 2019 want this technology need to spend more money.

Another change is the frame of the large Ducati Diavel 1260 cruiser model equipped with Brembo M4.32 brake clamps. And on the Ducati Diavel 1260S is the more advanced Brembo M50 brake clamp and of course the price will also be quite expensive.

In addition, the Ducati Diavel 1260S wheels are designed differently than the Ducati Diavel 1260. The front wheel brake disc of the Ducati Diavel 1260S is still 320 mm in size with 4 pis-ton and the rear single disc is 265 mm with 2 pistons . Ducati Diavel 1260S also has ABS anti-lock braking system with tilt angle of Bosch Cornering ABS EVO.

This engine block of Ducati Diavel 1260S 2019 will produce a maximum capacity of 159 horsepower at 9,500 rpm and 129 Nm of torque at 7,500 rpm rev / min. The power is transmitted to the wheel by conveyor chains, instead of belts like the previous generation. Vehicles with 6-speed gearbox tapered hands. Vehicles meet Euro 4 emissions standards.

With a 17-liter fuel tank and a fuel consumption of 5.4 liters / 100km, the large Ducati Diavel 1260S cruiser model can meet the travel distance of up to 300 km. The Ducati Diavel 1260S has 3 driving modes, including Sport (sport), Touring (road trip) and Urban (city).