Honda CB150R 2019 is sold genuine in Vietnam for 105 million VND, much higher than the other competitors in the segment. With this difference, is Honda CB150R worth the money for consumers?

After the success with the large segment of motorcycles in Vietnam market with extremely competitive prices, Honda Vietnam continues to encroach into the small motorcycle segment. The latest name that the Japanese car company brought is the 2019 CB150R with a completely new design, makeover compared to the old generation. Currently, this segment has two main rivals in Vietnam and both are genuine sellers, Yamaha TFX and Suzuki GSX-S150.

Honda CB150R 2019 has a price of 105 million VND in Vietnam.

If comparing the price, many people will be startled when the price difference between these 3 models is very large. Honda CB150R 2019 is sold for genuine 105 million, Yamaha TFX costs 72.5 million while Suzuki GSX-S150 costs from 68.9 million. Thus, the CB150R 2019 has a higher price than Yamaha TFX 32.5 million and Suzuki GSX-S150 36.1 million. All 3 models are imported CBU to Vietnam.

What does Honda CB150R 2019 have to value?
In terms of design, each brand will have a unique style. Therefore, the assessment of good and bad will not be discussed when making comparisons. In terms of brand, Honda will surely have a better name and a higher credibility with Vietnamese consumers in terms of both quality and maintenance services. This is confirmed through annual sales when Honda accounts for three-fourths of Vietnam's motorcycle market.

In terms of its design language, Honda developed by adopting the Neo Sport Café design language, creating a classic sports car from round headlights to Cafe Racer style but combined with modern design. thanks to the strong, muscular fuel tank, LED technology headlights. In 2019, the Honda CB150R continues to emphasize the design language Neo Sport Cafe. There are also new car stamps with three main colors: white - black - red. The rear has the appearance of a prominent 150 digit. The brake shackles at the front and rear wheels also feature a sporty red paint that adds to the highlight of the vehicle.

Honda CB150R 2019 still owns a number of outstanding designs, including a nostalgic round headlight cluster that fully uses LED lighting technology divided into 2 floors. There is also a positioning light. The turn signals located above have an eye-catching design and also use LED bulbs. Similar to the headlights, taillights and rear turn signals also use modern LED technology. Honda CB150R 2019 owns the overall size x width x height of 1,973 x 822 x 1,053 mm, wheelbase length of 1,296 mm, seat height of 795 mm, ground clearance of 139 mm. Vehicles with no-load weight 123 - 125 kg depending on the version. The fuel tank has a sporty design of 8.5L capacity.

Front wheel is equipped with 17 inch wheels 110/70, rear wheels 17 inch wheels 150/60. The front brake system is a hydraulic disc with a diameter of 296 mm, equipped with standard ABS in Vietnam is different from competitors in the segment. The rear is also a type of 220 mm hydraulic disc brake. The front suspension is 41 mm diameter reverse type, the rear is mono-shock type.

Saddle is designed in the style of the Nakedbike with the rear protruding high in the standard version. The exhaust system placed neatly under the chassis brings a new style to this small motorcycle. The engine is placed in a diamond-shaped metal frame and is almost completely exposed. The display is completely electronic with information such as speed, speed, number, fuel, odo or trip.

In terms of overall design, the Honda CB150R 2019 is a combination of classic and modern styles of advanced technology. CB150R shows the perfection and neat design is more delicate than competitors in the same segment. In particular, modern technologies such as ABS anti-lock braking help users feel secure when moving is a very good value for money.

Ability to operate like?
Honda CB150R 2019 continues to be equipped with 149 cc engine block, electronic fuel injection PGM-Fi, 4 valves, single cylinder, double cam, 6-speed gearbox and water-cooled. This engine has a capacity of 16 horsepower, maximum torque of 13.6 Nm. The performance of CB150R 2019 is lower than that of rival Yamaha TFX.

As a small motorbike model with many purposes of moving in the street, so with a capacity of 16 horsepower and 13.6 Nm is more than enough to be able to move flexibly in the streets of Hanoi. Despite the large size, the weight of the CB150R is quite light at only 125 kg so a person of my size can easily use this model.

As soon as the car exploded, one distinct difference that I noticed compared to the old generation of CB150R I experienced was the piano. Gently softening the throttle, the sound emanating from the exhaust pipe is placed close to the engine and is stronger than the one that is parallel to the familiar rear grip. In the standing state, the banging sounds quite fun instead of soft and soft as in the old life.

The seat height of the Honda CB150R 2019 is 795 mm, a person who is 1m65 tall like me can still easily support the legs and operate flexibly. So the average height of the Vietnamese users does not need to be too concerned. The handlebars of CB150R are quite wide and high, making the steering ability and escape angle wider, in accordance with the style of the nakedbike. In addition to the blinking light button, please set up behind the handle like the switch lever behind the steering wheel of the car, the other details are still very familiar.

Shifting the gearshift, the clutch release started to move slowly, with a light weight of only 125 kg, the car quickly sped up after I accelerated the throttle. Being a 150 cc model, the clutch is made quite light, easy to squeeze in and release when you change the gear. However, at levels 1 and 2, the speed range is quite short, this sometimes causes frustration for users when traveling in the street by constantly up and down the gear. Up to 3, the car starts to move smoother, the throttle is faster and more sensitive with each light pull.

With the condition of moving in Hanoi streets, numbers 4, 5, 6 are considered too expensive for the driver. Sometimes I try to move the car at number 4, the speed is more than 50 km / h, every time the accelerator accelerates, the car feels a bit out of breath, when reaching a higher speed, the new scooter gives See the sharpness in each speeding action. With levels 5 and 6, it's really only suitable for long distances. Because then, the car will move stably and not often have to brake and stop like walking in the street. Because conditions in Vietnam do not allow it, it is impossible to experience cars at high speeds.

With wide handlebars, low vehicle weight, so the ability to move in the city of Honda CB150R 2019 is very flexible. It is not difficult to rhyme the car to the left, to the right continuously or to steer sharply to avoid unexpected obstacles on the road. In addition, CB150R is the only model in the segment in Vietnam equipped with ABS brakes, which I really like. With raining conditions, slippery roads, ABS technology is much more efficient and safer than vehicles not equipped with this technology.

Honda CB150R 2019 with a price of 105 million will certainly make many people startled by the price difference is too big compared to rivals. However, if you have the opportunity to experience reality, many people will gradually understand why this model has a higher price than rivals. With its style and design style, it will take a long time for the Honda CB150R to be outdated by the classic style combined with modern to always show the lasting beauty. In addition, the more prominent equipment than the competitors in the segment is also a plus point to help Honda CB150R win the hearts of consumers.

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