13 most stylish Yamaha motorcycles with detailed parameter reviews

Yamaha Bolt
Yamaha Bolt is bold with classic design and American motorcycle style. This is also considered a mid-range cruiser model made from high quality materials and novel designs. Not long after the launch of Yamaha Bolt, it quickly gained praise and became the favorite car of many speed racers.

The Yamaha Bolt has a sturdy frame, the total weight of 246 kg is quite heavy. Original twin-saddle to easily carry a second person. Saddle height is quite low, only 690mm suitable for people from 1m6 and above.

The highlight of this model is the electric lock system placed under the fuel tank, the speedometer displaying the technical form to make reading the parameters easier. The buttons are also quite easy to use. The 13-liter fuel tank helps Yamaha Bolt to travel long distances to the next gas station.

Yamaha Fazer
Yamaha Fazer is a touring version of the FZ25 that has been launched before, but is aimed at customers with a tight economy and wishing to travel often. Yamaha Fazer features LED lights, two-stage headlights and additional two position lights and wind vents.

This car has a length of 2,015m, a height of 1,115m, a saddle height of 795mm suitable for those with stature over 1m7. The weight of the car is only 154kg quite light compared to other models. The 14-liter fuel tank also helps you to travel long distances.

Yamaha Fazer is also equipped with modern ABS anti-lock braking technology. Low set headlights, wide tires, rearview mirrors and enhanced handle bar are also outstanding advantages.

Yamaha FZ
This is a line of Yamaha motorcycles for young and dynamic people. Colors of the car are very eye-catching, youthful and no less luxurious. Pretty small design is wrapped with new fashion stamps. The wide wheels make the car look ribbed, strong and easy to bend at high speed.

Yamaha FZ series cars are equipped with reverse shock absorbers to help the car operate smoothly through rough bumpy roads. The rear monoshock shock absorbers are refurbished with a 120mm stroke. A small downside of the Yamaha FZ series is that the fuel tank is only 12 liters a little less. However, Yamaha FZ can still go 400km distance need to refuel.

Yamaha MT
Yamaha MT has a dusty, aggressive and edgy style, suitable for strong personalities. The body of the car is muscular when it is fitted with plates on both sides of the fuel tank and the wind cavity. The body shape of the vehicle weighs forward to create a sense of initiative for the driver. The two-level saddle with a height of 780mm is suitable for the physique of Asians. The weight of the car is only 168kg, making it easy to tame the driver.

Thanks to the high handlebar, Yamaha MT also creates a comfortable feeling for the driver and the rear seat. The car operates strongly, the explosive sound is too "high" that many players escape the attraction of it.

Yamaha Smax
This is a line of Yamaha motorcycles with a quite comfortable price, only around 100 million depending on the version. The styling of the car is also quite impressive, young and personality. The size of this driver is also very fit for Asian stature: 2,030 mm long, 715mm wide and 1,115mm high. The weight of the vehicle is also light at only 138kg which makes it easy to master and control. The rear has a storage compartment of up to 32 liters. Overall Yamaha Smax has a similar design to the scooters we see today.

Yamaha Star
If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, then maybe you will be defeated by this Yamaha Star series. Yamaha Star is a high-end road bike with an American muscular design. Therefore, Yamaha Star looks quite pitiful and personality. Overall length of the car up to 2.7m, 1.4-1.5m high, 696mm saddle height and weight of up to 437kg. With this size and weight, the driver is required to be taller than 1m7, strong body to be able to easily master on all roads. The price up to nearly VND 600 million also requires you to be a person with good financial potential.

Yamaha V-Max
Yamaha V-Max has a selling price in Vietnam of up to about VND 800 million and is a fast racing car that many rivals respect me. Yamaha V-Max is not as pitiful as the Yamaha Star, the saddle is somewhat low, with additional hiprest to sit more comfortable, more playful. The saddle is relatively narrow and small to accommodate moving a person in a vehicle.

Yamaha V-Max is muscular and is known as a speed ghost. The power of the car line not only comes from big horsepower engine, high quality materials but also from the sound of powerful power.

Yamaha V-Star
The Yamaha V-Star is lightweight, compact in size and has a seat. With this design, Yamaha V-Star is suitable for racers with small stature, novice riders with large displacement motorcycles. Yamaha V-Star is equipped with a powerful engine, torque. Front disc brakes are highly controllable.

Yamaha XT
This is one of the first dual-sport cars in the world and has brought great success to Yamaha. Large displacement bike has a compact sporty style, suitable for the physique of Asians. With the price fluctuating around 100 million will suit the pocket of many players.

Yamaha YFZ
Yamaha YFZ features four wheels and a width that is extremely aggressive and distinct. The components on the car are made of aluminum and steel so the weight is not too heavy. Yamaha YFZ engine is also set low to lower center of gravity. The price of Yamaha YFZ is only around 200 million.

Yamaha YZ
This Yamaha motorcycle line is aimed at young customers, personality and dynamism. At first glance, the Yamaha YZ looks muscular but is carefully trimmed and refined to become much more neat than other models. The weight of the car is about 148kg, the length of 2m, height of 1.1m is suitable for players who are from 1m65 and above. Price Yamaha YZ just over 80 million.

Yamaha YZF
Yamaha YZF has a sporty style, youthful colors suitable for young boys. With a saddle height of 780mm requires you to have a body like the old knights. It weighs only 70kg so it is easy to control.

Yamaha YZF has an anti-theft lock without an extremely convenient chip. Price Yamaha YZF around 90 million, quite pleasant. In particular, in this car line, in 2019, the company brought to the market a new generation R15 V3 motorcycle, with significant upgrades and improvements, which is highly appreciated by car enthusiasts.

In addition, there are often comparisons of Yamaha R15 V3 vs Suzuki GSX R150 through specific criteria to choose a better model. But it is clear that the battle between the two horses of these two big men is an "eight-pounder" who is very difficult to distinguish clearly.

Yamaha YZF-R1
Yamaha YZF-R1 has a quite youthful color when combining yellow, white and black. Products are equipped with ABS technology to help the driver easily control the car especially when cornering or braking quickly. Six-speed gearbox is very suitable for engines with high revs. Saddle height up to 855mm is probably a difficult thing for those who play the car under 1m7 high.
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