The car has the perfect beauty, the size suitable for Asians but still retains the strong atmosphere of a Harley-Davidson. You will feel confident thanks to the low seat design of only 705mm, slender frame, stable balance posture and low center of gravity. The Superlow is easy to drive and extremely comfortable even if you travel all day long. The handlebars are easy to hold, creating a comfortable position, giving you confidence on the journey from the stand up of the car, easy to drive to the corner, convenient downhill at many speeds.

This is the perfect Harley-Davidson style when combining the powerful 883cc Evolution engine, capable of running thousands of miles smoothly. The rear fork has a screw-loaded preloader, which helps you smoothly and smoothly walk through rough roads. 18-inch front wheels and 17-inch rear wheels, lightweight rims and radial tires, you can control the car at low speeds easily.

Iron 883
The new Iron 883 model was redesigned, creating angular details, inspired by the classic bobber style. The short-cut rear fenders, black transmission and exhaust, drag-racing handlebars, and a single-zone leather saddle wrapped in each zone reminiscent of photos of street cars of the last century. Newly designed air filter cover with accent metallic edges.

Iron 883 is powered by a factory-tuned Evolution® V-Twin 883cc engine to provide optimum power. The entire black wheel is not only accented with brake discs, but also improved steering feel. Front and rear shock absorbers are upgraded with the latest technology, with improved damping springs and custom washers, allowing the steering wheel to change the function to suit road conditions or payload. when carrying people in the back.

Vehicles with 130mm front wheel design with new shock absorbers are increased diameter to 49mm. Classic fuel tank with a capacity of 8 liters. The fenders are designed more neatly. Tank design with horizontal stripes, a trend of the 70s reappear. These horizontal stripes are repeated in many details, including the saddle and rear wheel. New wheels are cast aluminum lightweight spokes and painted black. A combination makes it easy to conquer every path.

Iron 1200
In terms of appearance, the new Harley-Davidson 1200 Iron 2019 car uses the familiar design features of the famous Sportster line, from the design of a large fuel tank to the use of a pair of youthful, simple molding wheels. The most special thing is that your posture will become more majestic with this unique design.

At the top, the special feature of the 1200 Iron Version 2019 is the compact fairing set made into the headlight. Comes with it is a high-performance steering wheel designed in Cruiser style, brought back 165mm, 812mm wide for the pedestal, more comfortable. The details of the 1200 Iron 2019 are plated with shiny crome.

The car for 36% more engine power and maximum torque up to 96Nm. This machine will give a great experience with the characteristic po, which will surely attract all eyes when surfing on the street.

The Harley-Davidson Roadster carries the image of a classic sports car with its compact form and low steering. Seat height at 785 mm is very suitable for Vietnamese users.

Roadster's power comes from the renowned Evolution V-Twin engine block, with large torque when low revs and refreshing roar. The round headlight is designed in a classic style.

You can see the numerous black details that bring the ultimate dark style to Roadster's impromptu styling, the protective mirrors and the black headlights. The oval air filter and the powertrain are both Dark Custom custom styling.

Street Bob
The Street Bob model has a raised handlebar position with a minimalist design directed to the unpainted quintessence. The car features a high steering wheel, spokes, technical watches hidden and the tail is cut very rebellious. The frame retains the classic Softail lines but is lighter and more solid, meaning unprecedented flexibility.

It has the advanced Milwaukee-Eight® 107 engine, powerful Big-Twin engine, smooth operation with flexible throttle, electronic fuel injection system Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI). Especially the roar is very loud, standard Harley-Davidson criteria.

In addition, this motorcycle is also equipped with a series of other notable features such as low oil pressure, engine diagnostics, ABS (optional), keyless lock, USB charging port, 2.14 inch LCD screen. Displays speed, number, total distance traveled, fuel level, clock, itinerary, operating range, and machine revs.

Breakout 114
Breakout is a modern, muscular chopper-style driver with the appearance of a true, prominent and arrogant "star". The light turns green, when you are on your way to conquering.

Tires with muscular styling embody the classic racing style. The powerful Milwaukee-Eight Big Twin engine runs smoothly with agile throttle and distinctive booming sound. The large digital instrument cluster mounted on the steering wheel shack is completely within your sight.

Equally striking is the fuel tank with a smooth upper that shows off the beauty of the engine. The frame retains the classic soft, bunker lines. Sophisticated suspension system with linear shock absorbers, adjustable single rear suspension for smooth cornering, quick acceleration and safe braking.

Fat Bob 114
The Fat Bob model stands out from the aggressive, stubborn, efficient, with the unparalleled handling, superior finishes and extra torque of the Milwaukee-Eight ™ engine. High-performance dual disc brakes in the front help you control the power very safely.

Especially the 2-1-2 exhaust design is inspired by outstanding performance, the upwards exhaust manifests the challenge. Large aluminum rims covered by thick tires make a very compelling feeling when driving.

Impressive headlight design, intense light when it's dark and attracts all eyes when driving during the day. Speed ​​aficionados will fall in love with racing-style fork technology. Reversing fork design with single telescope helps the car to respond more smoothly, eat brake and handle more efficiently.

Inspired by American drag fighters and racing cars, the FXDR 114, with lightning-like power, takes the overall performance of the Harley-Davidson machine to new heights. This is also the latest of the 100 "shocking" motorcycles expected to launch until 2027 by Harley-Davidson.

The silhouette of Drag race car in FXDR 114 is very clearly shown through the angle of big fork and reverse fork, massive suction and exhaust, the ratio of the difference between 2 wheels and the rear of the car is reduced. In addition, typical elements such as aluminum rear grips, digital screens that help the driver control and the adjustment of the outside shock absorbers will highlight and affirm the mission of this car! A true-class steed, not a transient form!

The solid Softail chassis, designed to provide quick response, is a plus for speed enthusiasts. The excellent versatility of the vehicle is clearly shown when traveling on dangerous zigzag roads, or when weaving into crowded urban streets.
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