Revealed the most powerful Superbike model ever from Honda, Winner X and Exciter have to cry

Top Japanese brand Superbike will be officially introduced at EICMA 2019 in Italy next month. It is expected that this model will be renamed Honda CBR1000RRR (Triple R).

Japanese media predicts that the next version of CBR1000RR will be launched later this year will be called Honda CBR1000RRR (Triple R). According to the newly revealed information, the CBR1000RRR (triple R) model will have the latest VTEC variable valve system to improve the power of the new version.

CBR1000RRR will have engine system with cylinder size up to 81mm compared to 75mm in the old version, reducing 20% ​​of the current weight after refining parts. The front of the model is equipped with a Ram-Air system to trap air into the engine system.

With these upgrades, the new CBR1000RRR is the most powerful Superbike ever of the CBR family. However, to compete with competitors in the same segment, this is still an unanswered question.
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