Review of Honda SH125i scooter 2019

Honda SH125i shows itself as a luxury scooter model but not "chảnh" with good performance, durability and fuel economy.
Honda SH - one of the scooters is positioned in the high-end scooter segment in Vietnam by many factors from price to design. For many people who play Honda SH, these scooters are also favored as "Super Honda", temporarily translated as a "supercar" of Japanese automaker. Recently, we experienced the latest Honda car in Vietnam in the segment of 125 cubic centimeters and had a very positive view of this high-end scooter.

First, the appearance of the new Honda SH125i has an overall shape that is not different from the previous one and is designed as tall, majestic and handy as possible. With dimensions of Length x Width x Height of 2,026 mm x 740 mm x 1,158 mm, this is a rather pit bike but still capable of serving the majority of Vietnamese people because of its good focus and dimension. Reasonably high helps people sitting can stand easily against legs.

Next, with a weight of 135kg for the brake version combined with Combi Brake, this is a quite heavy scooter compared to the market today. However, it is the heaviness that makes the car more compact and quieter, especially when used for long-distance running.

At the top, the car possesses LED stratified headlamps with a very neat and beautiful design with clear glass and reflective layers with high finishing. In addition, the use of headlights placed in the center of the steering wheel helps the driver to see more clearly after the bends because the light can come on immediately, unlike many scooters like Honda Air Blade have. luminaire set on the bottom mask.

Down the front legs, Honda SH has a large set of tires that make the car tall and have a very good ground clearance of up to 146 mm. This 16-inch set of rims experience bad roads for a very good driving experience and easy handling, overcoming light obstacles. Combined at the front are Nissin disc brake shackles from Japan that are more durable and safer with combined brake CDs.

The 16-inch cast rims have a sporty design in the form of a cross-spoke with a familiar hydraulic telescopic front fork. This set of forks is rated to perform well in a variety of conditions, from road to bad roads.

The car has a very large and tall footrest floor, for people with a height of 1m65 and above can sit and control the car very comfortably and has the ability to change the position, sitting position to avoid being tired when Long distance travel. In this area, Honda also designed a very neat and useful folding hook set.

In the new version, the modern and worthwhile Smart Key set is still properly placed in the car. This set of locks has functions to find the car, anti-theft and unlock the car conveniently. Users can also open the trunk and lock the neck with this modern rotating lock.

Honda SH125i for fuel economy is quite good compared to such a large, heavy scooter. In the city, this car only consumes 1 liter of fuel for a distance of 40km with electronic fuel injection PGM-FI.

Some details such as rear legrest of Honda SH125i are very neat, tangled into the body but still handy and easy to remove and in for the rear seat.

The scooter possesses a beautiful and sporty stratified seat for a very sporty sitting position and with a spacious seat, the operator can change positions easily.

The saddle is covered with tear-resistant, scratch-resistant leather quite well and beautiful seams, sure. This seat has good skid resistance when there is a certain roughness to help people sit firmly when accelerating or braking suddenly.

Honda SH carries the SH125i logo set with a fancy and striking chrome-plated design in the body.

Honda SH125i carries 124.9 cc eSP engine block for power of about 11 horsepower at 8,750 rpm. Maximum torque of 11.6Nm at 6,500 rpm. ESP engine block for quite smooth and durable operation and good fuel economy. Experience in the speed range of 70 to 90 km / h continuously still gives the car smoothness and stability. In addition, when moving on a bad road, the machine still responds well to the acceleration or deceleration suddenly.

In the rear frame, the scooter has a thick taillight and has a LED tail light design, Halogen turn signals turnkey along with a fairly large rear baga. The position of the handle of the car is also very reasonable to lead and carry the car.

At the rear, there are still 16-inch cast wheels with Nissin disc brakes and combined with the front brakes via a safety CBS.

Currently, the car is sold at Honda franchise stores with the proposed price of VND 68 million but at dealers, the price of Honda SH car exceeds the proposed price, located at more than VND 80 million. Thus, this "expensive" piece of Honda will still be one of the most popular high-end scooters in Vietnam with beautiful design, smooth engine and many utilities. "to genuine".
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