Compared to its predecessor R 1200 GS, the most significant change of the BMW R 1250 GSA Exclusive lies in the larger Boxer engine, which comes with variable valve control technology BMW ShiftCam.

So far, it has been nearly 40 years and the GS series is not only the flagship of BMW Motorrad but also a symbol of Adventure in general. BMW Motorrad has continuously developed and upgraded generations of GS and GSA from engine power to completely new technology to affirm its leading position in the Adventure segment.

Unlike the R 1250 GSA standard silver gray color that represents the colors of adventure and modernity, the HP version with white, blue, red dots shows pure dynamism and pure sport. While the stylish variant is Exclusive with Kalamata Metallic Matt, it is masculine and strong.

The 2019 BMW R 1250 GSA Exclusive 2019 is still a high-end Adventure series with a unique, strong and stable design, showing the ability to use it on long distances or simply for short, mixed trips. Mix different terrains.

Similar to the 2019 versions, the R 1250 GSA Exclusive retains the same length as the older generation (2,207 mm) but increases the wheelbase to 1,525 mm. The wheelbase is 8 mm shorter than the regular version and is fitted with a motor body and body protection frame. This is one of the most obvious differences between GSA and the regular GS.

The R 1250 GSA Exclusive 2019 fuel tank has a capacity of 30 liters, making the weight of the vehicle increased to nearly 270 kg. Seat height is 900 mm. Unlike the standard version and the HP, the GSA Exclusive has a dark gray two-layer saddle (but can also be changed to a saddle), a gray frame, black matte rim to make the car more tough, pig grip The brakes are made more gold with a bigger windshield.

In addition, LED headlights have now become standard equipment, accompanied by LED daytime running lights - Daytime Riding Light is an optional equipment for both GS and GSA (GS Adventure) versions. Connectivity smart connectivity system and 6.5-inch TFT color screen integrate many advanced features to help the driver can both chat on the phone and listen to music while driving.

The BMW Motorrad Connected App, which is easily downloadable from the Google Store or App Store, allows cars to be connected to any smart mobile device, and allows connection and sharing to the REVER user community - map software to track, share trip information, famous routes.

For decades, Boxer engines with 4-valve technology, combined with electronic fuel injection and Closed-loop Catalytic Converter technology, have been featured on BMW Motorrad GS models. Excellent engine power and traction, plus fuel economy and environmental friendliness.

With the upgrade of more and more advanced technology on Boxer engines, the all-new R 1250 GSA Exclusive has now been upgraded from cylinder capacity from 1170cc to 1254cc, combined with ShiftCam variable camshaft technology. brand new with phase difference valve.

The latest BMS-O engine control system and dual injectors increase combustion chamber efficiency, help to burn fuel better, thereby increasing maximum torque of 143 Nm at 6,250 rpm and lift traction. over the entire engine range, increasing the maximum capacity to 136 horsepower at 7,750 rpm. This improvement not only helps the engine operate more powerfully, it also optimizes fuel consumption, reduces emissions, increases engine smoothness at low revs and creates distinctive sounds.

Two standard driving modes "Rain" and "Road" allow to adjust the car's attributes to suit most road conditions. Moreover, ASC - Automatic leveling system and Hill Start Control - Hill departure assistance system is equipped as standard to make driving safer and easier on hill. Four professional driving modes (Riding Modes Pro) include additional modes such as "Dynamic", "Dynamic Pro" (custom), "Enduro" and "Enduro Pro" (customized).

The DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) anti-skid system has been upgraded, providing maximum safety during acceleration, especially during cornering. Anti-lock braking system ABS Pro helps the driver with confidence to brake sharply when cornering. In addition, the car is also equipped with emergency brake control system (Dynamic Brake Control DBC) with the ability to interrupt the throttle signal, to avoid accidental acceleration when accelerating.

At the same time, the Hill Start Control Pro (Hill Start Control Pro) provides the new Auto HSC function, automatically activates the brakes to park the car, when on a slope (+/- 5%), right when braking arms / legs are activated and the vehicle will stop to ensure driver safety.
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