With a price of more than VND 80 million, the Honda ADV 150 terrain scooter will have to compete fiercely with the same Yamaha Yamaha NVX 155 but it is cheaper.

In the segment of 150cc sport scooters for men in Vietnam market, there is now the appearance of "rookie" Honda ADV 150. Vehicles are brought to Vietnam through private import shops with VND 85 million for the CBS version and VND 90 million for the 2-channel ABS version (including VAT). Meanwhile, Yamaha NVX 155 is sold genuine with prices from 46 to 52 million (depending on the version). With a price higher than the competitor model of about VND 40 million, this is considered one of the main obstacles for Honda ADV 150 in reaching customers in Vietnam.

Honda ADV 150
Honda's all-new scooter model - ADV 150 2019 was officially unveiled at GIIAS International Motor Show in Jakarta, Indonesia in late July 2019. This is a competitor of models in the same segment as Yamaha Aerox in Indonesia (also known as NVX 155 in Vietnam market).

Honda ADV 150 2019 has a design style with many similarities to the X-ADV sport-style terrain vehicle which was first introduced at the EICMA exhibition in 2016 and was also imported by a private importer. in Saigon took first in mid-June 2017

Although the two are similarly named, the ADV 150 is somewhat less aggressive than the X-ADV, to better fit a small displacement scooter. Honda ADV 150 2019 is equipped with LED headlights, 14-inch wheels with 110/80 front tires and 120/70 rear. In addition, the car is also equipped with Nissin hydraulic disc brakes, ABS brakes, suspension of Showa and LCD control panel.

In addition, Honda ADV 150 2019 is also provided with more cross-country equipment, including large windscreens that can be adjusted to high / low, smart key and temporary engine shut-off feature. Unlike its predecessor, the X-ADV, the ADV 150 does not have steering wheel protection and the charging socket of 12V electronics.

At the rear, the taillights also use LED technology with an X-shaped angular design. Especially on the ADV 150 ABS version, there is also an ESS emergency stop signal in the taillights, activating itself in case of emergency braking in high speed and additional priority light switches.

Honda ADV 150 2019 has a length of 1,950 mm, a width of 763 mm, a height of 1,153 mm. The length of the two wheel axles is 1,324 mm, the height of the saddle is 795 mm and the weight of the car ranges from 132 - 133 kg, depending on the CBS or ABS version.

Vehicles equipped with single cylinder SOHC engine, 149.3 cc capacity, producing a maximum power of 14.5 horsepower at 8,500 rpm rev / min and maximum torque of 13.8 Nm from 6,500 v / min, combined with PGM-Fi fuel injection system of Honda.

The power is transmitted through an automatic gearbox and belt drive. Fuel tank with a capacity of 8 liters. This engine is similar to two models of the same brand, Vario 150 and PCX 150.

Yamaha NVX 155
The Yamaha NVX 155 has a sporty design that complements the aerodynamic lines that are often used on large displacement sports cars. NVX owns a fairly bulky design with dimensions of 1,990 mm in length, 700 mm in width, 1,125 mm in height, wheelbase at 1,350 mm, saddle height of 790 mm, and ground clearance of 140 mm. .

Despite its rather large size, the vehicle's unladen weight is only 116 kg, making it very easy to move. Key design details on the Yamaha NVX include the LED headlamp cluster inspired by the YZF-R3 sports car. This headlight cluster uses 4 LED light bulbs, when activating the close projection mode, the 2 middle LED clusters will light up.

While the high beam mode is on, all four light bulbs will glow looking impressive. However, when moving at night, the lighting distance of the LED cluster is quite close. On both sides of the headlight cluster are 2 positioning lights. This light is always on when the vehicle is operating. Turn signals are placed low below. The taillights also use LED technology, but like the headlight system, the turn signals still use Halogen bulbs.

NVX 155 in all versions is equipped with all-new rear forks with oil tank. The new rear forks feature a larger spring with an oil tank, both enhancing the aesthetics and improving performance, in order to bring the most comfortable and comfortable seat.

The vehicle has a 25 liter trunk, fuel tank located in the middle of the footrest and a small storage compartment after the head of the car with an integrated power drive on the left hand side. The center screen is completely electronic display of 5.8 inches wide.

Smart key technology (not available on standard models) with keyless start and trunk opening, along with a knob-shaped lock. At the same time, the smart lock also integrates the car's navigation function to make it easy to find cars in large parking lots or dark basements. The temporary engine shut-off system has the same function as the Idling Stop of Hondan ADV 150.
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