The Honda Rebel 250 and the Rebel 500 2020 come out, making users 'anxious' waiting

The Rebel 250 and Rebel 500 are groundbreaking mid-range models with a breakthrough design with a new frame, clock and engine.

Specifically, the chassis will be designed to be longer and more advanced than the overly detached version. For rear-seat passengers, the seats are also designed to be conveniently moved.

More modern, this Honda cruiser line is also equipped with the same sophisticated digital LCD screen with CB1000R. LCD screen of Honda is guaranteed to meet the needs and convenience of customers.

Regarding the engine, particularly with Honda Rebel 250 equipped with DOHC 4 engine, the capacity of 286cc and cooled by steam. This is the engine block used in the Honda CB300R. However, to better match the Honda Rebel 250, this engine is revised to achieve higher torque while the power will be lower.

Unlike Rebel 250, Rebel 500 uses DOHC 2 engine block of 471cc. Therefore, this engine corresponds to 2019 Honda CB500F, CBR500R and CB500X models of 2019.

Despite the different cylinder capacities, both the Honda Rebel 250 and the Rebel 500 have something in common that is tuned to meet the new Euro5 emissions standard.

New sources revealed that these two new models of Honda have not provided the full specifications and new features of the car. However, it is expected that the Rebel 300/500 couple will officially be sold from January 2020 after the debut at the EICMA 2019 Exhibition in Milan - Italy in November.
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